9 Most Easy to Give Excuses to Keep Your Camera Off on Zoom

Keeping camera Off on Zoom is one excuse that almost every student in the class looks for. Reasons could be many, like you don’t want to get caught doing actually something else or taking a nap in between the class. Not only students but even corporate employees prefer to keep their Cameras off on Zoom Meets. Everyone has their set of problems, but guess mine is much bigger than all…yes actually and literally it is bigger.

That’s how my face look in the Zoom Camera, it is like I only have a face which takes 3/4th size of my height and rest 1/4th covers rest of the body. Over this, the extremely bad lighting adds to the screen presence. So whatever are your reasons to keep camera off, but you need a valid reason to tell it to your teacher or colleagues or boss. So, what is the best excuse to keep your Camera Off on Zoom? Let’s read in this article about 9 Most Easy to Give Excuses to Keep Your Camera Off on Zoom!

Zoom Online Meeting
Zoom Online Meeting, Photo Credit: smartmeetings .com

I am facing Network Issues

This is simplest and the most common excuse which works in this case is slow network.

Battery low

Camera takes extra battery and if your device is low on battery it is advised to keep unnecessary apps or tabs closed. And Camera tops the list of the unnecessary items in Zoom Tab (for me especially and my like- minded friends and readers)

Have to go get the door

We attend Online Zoom Meetings mostly at home and you cannot avoid or stop someone from coming home. So often you have to go and get the door for the unpredictable visitors, courier guys, house maids etc.

I am Sick

You are sick and you are actually looking sick or maybe you are attending your online meeting while resting on bed or the couch.

I have Eye infection

Eye infection, eye sty or related problems work very well too. You don’t want everyone to see your swollen eye or teary eye and your teacher understands that it makes you conscious and also will distract others.

I am not at home, attending classes from my Mom’s Office

You are out somewhere and there are other people in the room or surroundings as well. Keeping camera on will distract everyone, so it is better to keep it off.

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There is some construction work going on at my place

Background disturbance can be another easy excuse that you can use to convince your teacher or the fellow workers for keeping Camera Off during online meeting.

My Web Cam is not working

Whether you are using a Laptop, a phone or tab, camera often stops workings. So why not use this error as an excuse for keeping you out of sight of all others.

I get disconnected whenever I turn on my camera

Yet another similar error that often occurs when you try to switch on your camera settings on Zoom Meet.

By this article we don’t intend to prevail the culture of ditching your parents, teachers or fellow staff, but yes for those crucial times where you feel you are left with no choice. What choice?, the choice of either switching off the camera or skipping the meet, you can take help of these excuses. If you have any excuse other than the listed ones, please do share it with us. Thanks for the read, stay safe and smiling.