Rooms To Go CEO Email Address

Who is the CEO of Rooms To Go?

Jeffrey Seaman
7 Sept 1990–

Who did Rooms To Go buyout?

The company was founded in September 1990 by Jeffrey and Morty Seaman, when they sold Seaman Furniture Company. According to Furniture Today, Rooms To Go is the 3rd largest furniture retailer in the US.

How many Rooms To Go locations are there?

They operate over 200 stores
At last count, they had 226 stores, to be exact.

Where does the furniture from Rooms to Go come from?

Rooms To Go is one of the largest furniture retailers in the country, and it sources products from a global network of suppliers. Imported goods include Italian leather and ethically sourced Brazilian wood.

Who is Rooms to Go owned by?

Seaman founded Rooms to Go in 1991 with his father, Morty Seaman, creating the sales concept of buying entire room packages rather than individual pieces of furniture. His early business career included working for his grandfather’s Long Island-based furniture company.

Where is Rooms to Go headquartered?

Seffner, Florida, United States
Rooms To Go / Headquarters

What is Rooms To Go revenue?

Rooms To Go revenue is $2.7 B

How many employees does Rooms To Go have?

Rooms To Go has 7,000 employees

Is Rooms to Go low quality?

Material Quality
Rooms To Go is known for its budget-conscious line-up. With this emphasis, deal hunters have responded well to Rooms To Go’s product line-up. However, there have been some reports of durability issues for some customers — with some reporting issues with longevity of materials.

Is Rooms to Go Public or private?

Furniture/Today ranked Rooms To Go as one of the top four furniture stores in the United States, where in terms of sales the company is the fastest-growing furniture retailer. The privately owned company markets its products primarily in the southeastern United States and in 14 foreign countries.