Safeway Dress Code 2023 (Shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye, Tattoos + More)

Safeway stands out among grocery and retail stores by not having a standardized uniform for their grocery store and pharmacy employees. Instead, they have implemented a dress code to ensure their staff presents themselves professionally.

If you’re interested in working at Safeway and wondering about their dress code policy, this article will provide you with the information you need. Keep reading to learn more!

Safeway Supermarket
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Safeway Dress Code

To maintain a professional appearance, Safeway’s dress code mandates that employees wear understated colors, dress pants, and simple accessories. Conservative hair color is also required, and facial piercings and visible tattoos are prohibited. Moreover, Safeway’s policy restricts facial hair to mustaches only.

If you’re curious to know more about the specifics of Safeway’s dress code for pharmacy staff, their stance on multi-colored hair dye, and other related policies, keep reading this article!

What Are the Safeway Dress Code Standards for Every Department?

Although each department in Safeway has its own dress code guidelines, all employees must comply with the General Grooming Standards outlined in Safeway’s handbook.

Safeway’s dress code enforces precise grooming standards for both male and female employees, which are categorized as follows:

Guidelines for Male Employees:

Hair: Male employees must maintain clean and neatly combed hair. Hair color should be conservative to avoid distractions, work interruptions, or safety hazards (e.g., temporary hair dye that can seep into food).
Hands and Nails: Hands and nails must be kept clean and washed regularly.
Facial Hair: All facial hair must be kept clean-shaven, and beards, goatees, and handlebar mustaches are not allowed. Regular mustaches, however, are permitted.
Personal Cleanliness: Safeway expects male employees to maintain a reasonable level of hygiene. They should avoid unsanitary habits such as nail-biting, coughing or sneezing into their hands, and so on, to avoid unpleasant breath and body odor.
Jewelry: Plain and professional-looking jewelry is recommended. Neck chains should be worn inside the shirt collar to prevent safety hazards, and facial piercings are not permitted.
Clothing: All clothing must be properly fitted, clean, and in good condition. Pressed clothing is preferred.

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Guidelines for Female Employees:

Hair: Female employees must have conservatively colored hair, and long hair should be kept away from the face to prevent obstruction of vision or contact with food.
Hands and Nails: Nails may be painted with clear or soft-colored polish (e.g., beige, nude, light pink). Fingernail length should not interfere with job duties.
Personal Cleanliness: Safeway expects female employees to maintain a reasonable level of hygiene to prevent unpleasant breath and body odor. They should avoid unsanitary habits such as nail-biting, coughing or sneezing into their hands, and so on.
Jewelry: Facial piercings are not permitted to maintain a professional appearance. Earrings should be small to prevent safety hazards, and long necklaces should be worn inside the shirt collar.

Safeway job applicants should be aware that the company’s dress code has not been updated since 2008. Therefore, some store locations may be more lenient with items that allow for personal expression.

Nevertheless, employees must comply with Safeway’s dress code and should not wear items outside the dress code unless they have first discussed it with their store manager (e.g., piercings, multi-colored hair, etc.).

Does Safeway Allow Employees to Wear Leggings?

Safeway’s dress code requires that employees wear slacks or dress pants in dark, muted colors. Skirts are also allowed, but they must be made from professional fabric (e.g., not denim or cotton).

However, according to the Standard Dress Code, denim, corduroy, cotton casual wear, stretch pants, and leggings are not allowed. This dress code applies to all departments.

Does Safeway Allow Employees to Wear Shorts?

As per the Standard Dress Code, the length of pants must reach the top of permitted work shoes. Consequently, shorts are currently not permitted for Safeway employees.

What is Safeway’s Policy for Hair Dye?

Normally, Safeway employees are not allowed to wear any hair dye that is not considered conservative, such as unnatural colors like blue, pink, or orange.

However, because the Safeway dress code has not been updated since 2008, some store managers may be more flexible toward non-conservative hair coloring.

If a prospective Safeway employee wears unnatural hair color as a form of self-expression, they may consult with their store manager to discuss the possibility of keeping their dyed hair.

What is Safeway’s Tattoo Policy?

Safeway’s dress code prohibits employees from displaying any visible tattoos. This includes facial tattoos, and any other tattoos must be concealed with appropriate clothing such as long-sleeved shirts.

However, some Safeway store managers may have different policies regarding facial and neck tattoos. Prospective employees may discuss their concerns with their store manager.

Safeway Headquarters
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What Is Safeway’s Dress Code for the Pharmacy Staff?

Both male and female Safeway pharmacy staff must follow the same dress code, which requires them to wear clothing that complies with standard dress code guidelines underneath their pharmacy uniforms.

Pharmacy staff are required to wear Safeway-branded pharmacy jackets, which should be kept clean at all times. Additionally, sweaters should be worn underneath the jackets and kept neat and tidy throughout the day.

Final Words

Safeway enforces a rigorous dress code that demands its employees to maintain a business-like appearance. They are obliged to wear dark, muted colors, dress pants, skirts, shirts, and sweaters, and must uphold good personal hygiene. Conservative hair color and clean-shaven faces are mandatory. Facial piercings and tattoos on the face are also not allowed to keep a professional appearance.

Nonetheless, some Safeway store managers may be more open-minded towards self-expression, as the company’s dress code has not been modified since 2008.

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