Safeway Shoplifting Policy In 2023 (Cameras, Pressing Charges + More)

Shoplifting is a pervasive issue in retail and grocery stores, and the inadequacy of the security measures adopted by these businesses exacerbates the problem.

As a potential customer of Safeway, you might be curious about their policy on theft. If that’s the case, read on to discover what I found out!

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Safeway Shoplifting Policy

Safeway’s approach to handling shoplifters may differ depending on the store’s location and the province or state in which it operates. Some Safeway branches have security personnel and routinely monitor for shoplifters, while others have restricted options for responding to theft in progress.

To find out about Safeway’s methods for addressing shoplifting, including the use of security cameras, pressing charges, and additional pertinent details, keep reading for valuable insights.

Does Safeway Approach Shoplifters?

At most Safeway store locations, strict protocols are in place for employees who suspect a shopper of shoplifting. For instance, cashiers are not permitted to approach the suspected individual. Rather, they must report their concerns to a supervisor or manager who will then oversee the situation.

If the shopper appears to be stealing, such as loading up a cart and heading towards the exit, the management has until the person leaves the store to confront them. Nonetheless, if the suspected shoplifter manages to exit Safeway before being confronted, the store cannot pursue the person or escalate the matter further.

Can Safeway Employees Apprehend Shoplifters?

Safeway has implemented a company-wide policy that prohibits non-managerial or non-supervisory employees from approaching suspected shoplifters. In the event of a theft, cashiers are expected to report the incident to their store manager. Violating this policy by attempting to approach a shoplifter could result in disciplinary action or even termination of employment. This policy is intended to safeguard employee safety as there is a risk of encountering armed shoplifters, and Safeway will not tolerate such unsafe conditions.

Safeway Supermarket
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At Safeway, employee safety is always given priority over the value of the stolen goods. In situations where stolen items are worth less than $900, a Safeway manager may issue a ticket instead of taking further action. However, different Safeway stores may enforce more stringent measures, such as imposing fines and prohibiting re-entry for a specific duration.

How Does Safeway Deal With Shoplifters?

When Safeway catches a shoplifter before they leave the store, they will handle the situation differently depending on the value of the stolen items and the manager’s discretion.

Some Safeway stores, according to two previous shoplifters, will discreetly ask the suspected shoplifter to visit the manager’s office where security or management will handle the issue.

After evaluating the value of the stolen items, management will determine the course of action and typically impose a fine on the shoplifter. Safeway’s fine for shoplifting ranges from $50 to $500, with the amount depending on the value of the stolen items.

For instance, a shoplifter who stole items worth $50 was fined $300, as per one reported case. The fine is usually sent via mail and must be paid by a specific date.

Following the imposition of a penalty, Safeway may prohibit the shoplifter from entering the store for a certain period, which can range from one year to a lifetime, depending on the severity of the offense. Additionally, Safeway may ask the shoplifter to sign a confession letter admitting to their actions.

Does Safeway Press Charges Against Shoplifters?

Safeway may choose to press charges against a shoplifter depending on the severity of the situation. However, in many cases, Safeway will let shoplifters off with a warning, provided they don’t return to the store during their ban. In such cases, Safeway may not inform local authorities and refrain from taking any further action.

If a shoplifter fails to pay the fine by the due date, Safeway may take civil action against them in a court of law. While it is rare for Safeway to bring a shoplifter to trial, it’s important for shoppers who may be tempted to steal to understand that Safeway reserves the right to press charges even after the fine is paid.

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Does Safeway Use Security Cameras?

Safeway stores have security cameras installed, but they are not closely monitored in most locations. As a result, shoplifting often goes unnoticed, making some stores more susceptible to theft than others that keep a close eye on security.

While some Safeway locations have security guards to prevent theft, others regularly monitor their cameras to ensure the safety of their products.

If a customer notices anything suspicious or unsafe from a shopper, they can discreetly inform a store associate or manager of their concerns.

Final Words

In conclusion, the approach that Safeway takes towards shoplifting may differ depending on the particular store location. While some stores make use of security guards and closely monitor their security cameras to detect and apprehend suspicious shoppers, others may not be as vigilant and instead prioritize the safety of their employees by prohibiting associates from confronting suspected shoplifters. It is worth noting that only managers, supervisors, and security guards are authorized to approach and deal with shoplifters in Safeway stores.

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