Shoprite CEO Email Address

Who is the CEO of Shoprite?

Pieter Engelbrecht (1 Jan 2017–)

Who is the CEO of Shoprite South Africa?

Whitey Basson
Born James Wellwood Basson 8 January 1946 Porterville, Western Cape, South Africa
Education Stellenbosch University
Occupation Businessman
Title CEO, Shoprite

Where is the head office of Shoprite?

Cape Town, South Africa

How do I complain to Shoprite?

Customer Service
Sign Up for Xtra Savings on WhatsApp by adding 087 240 5709 to your contacts.
Customer Care: 0800 01 07 09.
Xtra Savings Support: 0800 33 33 85.
Contact Us.

Who is the management of Shoprite?

The Shoprite management team includes Kate Leslie (Head of Rewards), Larry Collins (President), and Photy Tzellios (Supply Chain Director).

How much does Shoprite CEO earn per month?

R2.5 million
65 million ($492,111) in 2020 to R12 million ($771,400) in 2021. The short-term incentive is linked to the retail behemoth’s performance during the fiscal year, as Engelbrecht’s actual outcome was 112 percent of the target set by the board. Engelbrecht’s total earnings came to nearly R2. 5 million ($161,000) a month.

How much does CEO of Shoprite earn?

As recently as 2019, he earned R21. 3 million. The company published its annual report on Monday, which showed that Engelbrecht, who has been CEO of Shoprite since 2017, earned R16. 8 million in guaranteed pay – slightly lower than the previous year.

How do I use Shoprite on WhatsApp?

To apply send a WhatsApp message to 0872405709 and select Job Opportunities or click below.

What is the net worth of Shoprite?

Shoprite Holdings Ltd
Type Public
Revenue R92.9 billion (FY 2022 interim)
Net income R2.7 billion (FY 2022 interim)
Number of employees over 149,000 (As on 2 January 2022)

Can I work at Shoprite without matric?

To work in a Shoprite store, you will need the following:
A minimum qualification of Grade 10-12 (or equivalent) Shoprite Group reserves the right to conduct Employee Verification Checks, including but not limited to Criminal and Credit Checks.

How much does Shoprite make per day?

360 000 per hour… 8.64 million per day… You get the idea. Shoprite is rocking!

How much does Shoprite employees earn per month?

General workers at Shoprite are paid M610 per month against a minimum wage of M1 300 gazetted by the law.