Sirius Xm CEO Email Address

How do I contact SiriusXM Corporate?

To speak with one of Sonu Media’s knowledgeable agents, please call 877-999-7668.

What is SiriusXM email address?

Members of the media who have questions or need more information about SiriusXM, please contact:

Who is the CEO of SiriusXM Radio?

Jennifer C. Witz (1 Jan 2021–31 Dec 2023)
Sirius XM / CEO

How do I file a complaint against SiriusXM?

Consumers who want to complain directly to Sirius XM can do so by mailing their complaint to P.O. Box 33059, Detroit, MI 48232-5059 or by going to the following web address:

Where is SiriusXM corporate office?

New York, New York, United States
Sirius XM / Headquarters

How do I submit to XM radio?

SiriusXM has a music and programming department that can accept submissions to get music in rotation. It’s a postal address, so you’ll have to send a physical copy of your music.

Is it hard to cancel SiriusXM?

Go to the SiriusXM website and log in to your account. Navigate to “Manage Your Account.” Find the “Change Billing Info” option and click on it. Go to “Cancel Service.” If you’re canceling your subscription to the online radio service, you’ll be able to finish the process at this point.

Does SiriusXM have a senior discount?

SiriusXM does not offer a senior discount.

How can I lower my Sirius bill?

Pay for a full year: One simple way to lower your SiriusXM bill is to pay for 12 months of the subscription upfront. SiriusXM does offer a small discount for the full-year package. This isn’t the rock-bottom price by any means, but it may offer you a small savings.

How do I cancel my SiriusXM account?

To cancel a direct SiriusXM subscription, you need to contact the company. You can do this online by heading to this page and clicking Chat with an Agent, or by calling them at 1-866-635-5020. The online chat is open seven days a week, but the phone service is only available Mondays through Fridays.

Does Liberty Media own SiriusXM?

The Liberty SiriusXM Group comprises our ownership in SiriusXM and Live Nation Entertainment, as well as intergroup interests in the Formula One Group and the Braves Group.