South West Water CEO Email Address

Who is the chairman of South West Water?

South West Water

Type Private

Key people Gill Rider (Chair) Susan Davy (CEO)

Products Drinking water Recycled wastewater

Production output 0.439 Gl/day (drinking) 0.439 Gl/day (recycled)

Services Water supply Sewage treatment

Who owns South West Water UK?

Pennon Group Plc

Pennon Group Plc is a company at the top end of the FTSE 250 which owns South West Water Limited and Viridor Limited. Pennon has assets of around £6.2 billion and a workforce of around 5,000 people.

Is South West Water a PLC?

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South West Water is part of Pennon Group PLC and in April 2015 Bournemouth Water was acquired by Pennon and from 1 April 2016 has been integrated with South West Water under a single operating licence.

Who owns South West Water?

Pennon Group

South West Water / Parent organization

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Pennon Group plc is a British water utility company based in Exeter, England. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. 83% of the company’s profits come from its subsidiary, South West Water.

Can I get a refund from South West Water?

If you’ve moved or closed your account, your final bill will show any credit balance. If you’ve confirmed your forwarding address, we’ll try to refund you directly in to your bank or send you a cheque. If we haven’t got your forwarding address, the credit will stay on your account until you let us know.

What does it mean if your water bill is in credit?

If you pay your energy bill by direct debit, you might end up being ‘in credit’ with your supplier – this means that they owe you money. The amount you pay each month is an estimate based on how much energy your supplier thinks you’ll use over the whole year.

What is my South West Water account number?

Your 8 digit customer reference number can be found at the top of your latest bill. If you can’t find your bill, get in contact with us. If you’ve already registered for My Account and chosen a user ID you can log in here.