Starz Free Trial Amazon In 2023 [How Long Is It + More]

Starz is a widely recognized cable and satellite television network renowned for its original series and theatrical releases. It offers premium programming that countless households in the United States are willing to pay a premium for, thanks to its exclusive offerings.

If you’re a passionate enthusiast of the latest television shows and films, you’ve probably come across Starz. Are you curious about the Starz free trial offered on Amazon? Wondering how you can sign up for it? To assist you, I conducted research and compiled all the essential details you need to know!

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What Is The Starz Free Trial On Amazon?

The Starz free trial on Amazon is a collaboration between Amazon and Starz that offers a seven-day trial to Amazon Prime members. Starz is a premium cable and satellite television network that features a vast array of exclusive original content and blockbuster movies. During the free trial period, Amazon Prime members have access to these offerings, or they can choose to subscribe for $8.99/month after the trial.

Are you interested in learning more about the Starz free trial on Amazon? If so, continue reading to discover information such as the trial’s duration, its inclusions, and the process to sign up.

How Long Is The Starz Free Trial On Amazon?

The Starz free trial on Amazon has a duration of seven days, providing ample opportunity to test the channel’s content and determine its value. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the trial period starts when you sign up, so ensure you register at a time when you can genuinely enjoy the channel and make the most of the free trial, rather than during a busy week.

Starz is a highly sought-after network due to its extensive programming, with over 20 shows and 900 movies on the schedule. Therefore, it’s essential to set aside enough time to explore all that this channel has to offer during the free trial.

What Do You Get With A Starz Free Trial?

By signing up for a Starz free trial on Amazon, you gain access to a multitude of new blockbuster movies and engaging original TV shows. The trial provides Amazon Prime members with an extensive selection of fresh comedies, dramas, children’s shows, suspenseful content, and more.

Starz is under the ownership of Lionsgate, a significant entertainment and movie-making company. Consequently, you can anticipate quality content and entertainment options that are both exciting and engaging.

To determine which movies and TV series are currently available for viewing on Starz, visit the official website and browse the full schedule at

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Does Amazon Require A Credit Card For The Starz Free Trial?

Following the completion of the seven-day free trial, Starz on Amazon Prime Video is priced at $8.99 a month. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, is available for $12.99 per month, but it includes access to over 100 channels, some of which may require an additional subscription fee.

While Starz requires an extra fee, many viewers believe it is worth it because it offers some of the most significant blockbuster movies and exclusive popular TV shows.

One of the advantages of streaming Starz on Amazon Prime Video is that there is no requirement for cable service, and you can cancel at any moment, although fees may be applicable.

How To Cancel The Starz Free Trial On Amazon?

If you fail to update your subscription before the free trial ends, many individuals are caught off guard by subscription charges. This could occur with the Starz free trial on Amazon, but canceling the subscription is a straightforward process.

Fortunately, disabling the auto-renewal feature in Amazon Prime Video, as well as any additional subscriptions like Starz and other comparable channels, is simple.

To cancel the Starz free trial, log in to your Amazon account and select the “Digital Content and Devices” option. Then, choose “Apps and more” to manage your subscriptions. Even if they are only in a free trial period, this will display your Prime and Starz subscriptions.

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The action box allows you to turn off auto-renewal, which you should select before saving your settings. This prevents Amazon and Starz from charging your credit card, but it also means your subscription will not be renewed, and you will lose access to whatever you were viewing before.

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To summarize, the Starz movie and TV channel is not free on Amazon Prime; however, it is accessible on the platform, and you may benefit from a seven-day free trial before enrolling in an $8.99/month Starz subscription.

Furthermore, there is a 30-day Amazon free trial available for Amazon Prime, allowing you to start both trials simultaneously if desired. After the Starz free trial period of seven days ends, you will automatically move to a paid subscription unless you cancel it, and the same applies to Amazon Prime.