Top 10 Excuses Not to Go Home for Christmas [That Actually Work]

Do you wait for Christmas break and re unions with family? Honestly, I don’t and I am sure there will be many of us who are just forcefully following the tradition of flying back to their native to spend Christmas with their family. Reunions with family especially on Christmas actually gives me panic attacks. You know why, constant grudges of our parents or in laws, super spoiled kids of relatives who become extra super spoiled seeing Uncle/Aunt coming home for Christmas, unavoidable flaunting of clothes as if you are here for a Beauty Contest and so on.

Okay, the family that eats together clause…No, I hate the long boring political discussions or constant pressure of getting married or starting a family and such similar discussions at dinner table. List is truly same but with a new version each year. How do you tell family you are not coming for Christmas? It is hard and yes may feel you guilty also but all is well when it ends well. And that end is your bed where you can snuggle your fleece blanket and enjoy wine and hot snacks with your family or just one close buddy.

How do you escape a Christmas family gathering? Let’s read about Top 10 Excuses Not to Go Home for Christmas.

Excuses Not to Go Home for Christmas
Excuses Not to Go Home for Christmas, Photo Credit: pixnio .com

Pandemic and Quarantine Period

The excuse is a total life saver. Just inform your family that you are already in home quarantine because of your last travel and can’t leave home.

We adopted a Pet

If your family is allergic to pets like dogs, cats etc. use their allergies to save you from coming home for Christmas. If they are not, tell them you have adopted a dog recently and it is due for vaccination for rabies. He gets crazy seeing new people around; I can’t bring him home and can’t even leave it alone.

Severe Health Issues

My blood pressure is quite high these days and I am in observation period for two weeks before my Doc puts me to regular BP pills. He has advised me to stay calm, away from parties and celebrations of any kind. I can bet your family would never put at risk.

I have volunteered for Santa at an Orphanage in my Area

Silly but a noble cause and your family will surely will approve of it and even if not you have your noble reasons to back you up after all.

Sick Kid at home

Tell them your kid is not keeping well and is not in condition to travel, so no plans this year.

I am working on Christmas

This year my partner is taking the Christmas vacation as it is his brother’s engagement. I ll take next year, only one of us can take Off at Christmas.

Meeting with an Important Client

Work calls always work, tell your family that you have a meeting with a big shot client who is in town for Christmas with his friends. This is your chance of promotion and you don’t want to rule it out.

Last minute dentist appointment

My tooth cap fell off last night, it is paining. I have requested my Dentist for an appointment, won’t be able to join for Christmas.

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Blame it to your Boss

You don’t need any explanation further when you will say my Boss has rejected your leave application. Your Boss is already upset with you or after you, there is so much corporate politics going on, such stories work too well with families.

Car broke down

Last moment emergencies like this often work as an excuse for avoiding festival gatherings. Here is the advice; you need to sound like the most excited person on this earth to be coming home for Christmas throughout before.

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