Vanquis CEO Email Address

Who is the CEO of vanquis?

Mike Lenora – Managing Director – Vanquis Bank

How do I contact vanquis customer service?

Still need to speak to us ring on our Customer Service line: 0330 099 3000*. You can also find other useful numbers on our telephone numbers page.

How do I speak to someone at vanquis?

Telephone Information – Opening Times & Cost
Cards Customer Service: 0330 099 3000.
Opening Hours.
Loans Customer Services: 0333 003 5803.
Opening Hours:
QuickCall (24/7 automated telephone service): 01623 23 23 23.
Opening Hours: 24 hours a day.

How do I close my vanquis credit card?

If you would like to cancel your Vanquis credit card, the fastest way to do this is to contact Vanquis via phone call. You can call the Vanquis cancellation team on 0330 099 3000.

How do I raise a dispute with Vanquis?

Contact Details for Vanquis Bank
Fraud and Disputes Enquires – 0330 099 3000*
Lost and Stolen Line – 0800 783 9003* or +44 161 444 4495* from abroad or report within the Vanquis App.
General Enquires – Visit our contact us pages for the latest information including phone numbers and opening times.

What happens if I dont pay Vanquis?

We will also freeze most interest and charges on your account. This scheme can only be started by a FCA authorised debt advice provider or local authority (where they provide debt advice to residents). Please ask your advice service about Breathing Space and for more information please check out StepChange.

How do I cancel my Vanquis direct debit?

Cancel by Telephone
1) Call Vanquis customer services on 0330 099 3000 to get help with your Vanquis card and account. Press 1 if you need to cancel your card because it is lost or stolen. Or just press 2 to manage your Vanquis account. 2) You will then have to enter your 16-digit Vanquis card number to proceed.

Can you claim back from Vanquis credit card?

If you still have an outstanding debt to Vanquis, it’s possible they may deduct the ROP refund from the balance you owe them rather than sending you the money. Vanquis have not yet confirmed this. If you have paid off your Vanquis debt, a refund should be sent to you, most likely as a cheque.

Can I take a payment holiday with Vanquis?

Repayment Option Plan features
Freeze your Vanquis Credit Card for up to 24 months. Automatically activates once an Account Year^ if you accidentally miss a payment. Take a break from your monthly payment once an Account Year^ with a Payment Holiday.