Vauxhall CEO Email Address

Vauxhall CEO Email Address

Here is the email address,

Who is the CEO of Vauxhall?

Paul Willcox is appointed as Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors. Stephen Norman has been Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors since February 2018. He joined Groupe PSA in May 2014 as Chief Marketing Officer and was appointed Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer in 2016.

How do I complain to Vauxhall?

If you have a concern or a complaint please do contact our Customer Contact Centre; By telephone: 0344 871 2222. By post: The Complaints Officer, Vauxhall Finance plc, Heol-Y-Gamlas, Nantgarw, Treforest, Cardiff, CF15 7QU.

How do I contact Vauxhall UK?

General enquiries: 0800 026 0034.
Vauxhall Breakdown Assistance: 0800 553 388.
Vauxhall Insurance: 0344 463 2673.
Network Q Warranty: 0345 600 2075.
Motability: 0800 731 5267.

How long is the waiting list for a new Vauxhall Mokka?

Corsa, Mokka and Crossland – including the electric variants of the first two – are available with a lead time of two to three months. The Astra, Grandland and Insignia will arrive in early summer if they are ordered now.

How do I contact Vauxhall finance?

Alternatively, please contact our customer service team on 0344 871 2222, Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM if you want to: Make a payment greater than £1,000.

Can you cancel Vauxhall finance?

You can’t cancel your contract, but you have 14 days to withdraw from it if you want to pay in an alternative way.

Can I end my Vauxhall finance early?

Voluntary termination is a legal right that allows you to hand back your vehicle, financed on either a Personal Contract Plan or Conditional Sale agreement and end your agreement early. As this is your consumer right and if you meet the deadlines doing so will not negatively impact your credit file.

Is there a Vauxhall app?

MyVauxhall is the official app for Vauxhall drivers – to enhance the driving and ownership experience. App features can be categorised as ‘Unconnected’ and ‘Connected – via Bluetooth’.