Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program [Important Guide]

The lack of a car can be a significant obstacle for many Americans to secure employment. Inaccessible or unreliable public transportation can prevent people from accessing full-time jobs. Fortunately, major employers can address this issue, and Walmart has taken action through the Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program. But what is this program, and how does it operate? Here’s what I found out!

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What Is The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program In 2023?

The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program is a partnership between Walmart and CarSaver, an online car sales company, that provides Walmart employees with the opportunity to purchase, lease, or trade in their vehicles. Through the program, employees can buy up to five cars per year and receive financing options tailored to their needs, as well as a lifetime warranty on the vehicle.

To learn more about CarSaver, the details of the program, the types of vehicles available for purchase, and any employee discounts offered, refer to the comprehensive guide below.

What Is CarSaver?

CarSaver, established in 2016, is an online platform that allows customers to purchase or lease both new and used vehicles, as well as trade-in their old ones. Similar to Carvana, the company aims to make the car-buying process easier with features such as customized car-building, browsing by make, model, or price, and financing and insurance options.

CarSaver initially partnered with Walmart shortly after its launch and has since expanded its services with the retail giant. Trade-in options became available in 2018, and the Associate Vehicle Purchase Program was implemented shortly after.

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How Does The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program Work?

The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program (AVPP) provides employees with a convenient and accessible way to purchase, lease, and trade in cars. Associates can browse through their local selection by narrowing down their search based on make, model, pricing, and distance. They can also customize their search by building their “dream model.”

The available cars are from partner dealerships in their area, and associates can head over to the dealership once they’ve decided on a vehicle that meets their specifications. CarSaver helps associates find a financing plan and insurance that works for them. Employees can schedule a test drive with a VIP Personal Shopper and then head over to the dealership to complete the process.

What Kind Of Cars Can You Get With The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

If you reside in or close to a metropolitan area, it is likely that you can locate the car of your choice easily. Walmart associates are not restricted in their choice of car as long as they can afford the monthly payments. Nevertheless, the selection is limited to the inventory currently available with the dealerships partnered with CarSaver. You can widen your search area to include a larger geographic region, but it is important to remember that you will have to travel to the dealership on your own.

How Many Cars Can You Purchase With The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

According to the Walmart AVPP website, CarSaver allows associates to buy up to five cars annually. However, it is crucial to ensure that you can manage the monthly payments for all the vehicles you purchase through this program.

Is The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program Worth It?

There were no comments on the Walmart AVPP in a Reddit message board that was found, but there are mixed reviews for CarSaver.

According to one review on, the customer service was excellent, while another found the process to be frustrating. However, a third reviewer initially left a negative review but amended it later after the CEO of the company resolved the issue.

Like with any online service, experiences may differ, but it seems that Walmart and CarSaver prioritize good customer service and positive outcomes.

Can You Use Your Vehicle For Ridesharing If You Bought It Through Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

The car you obtain through the Walmart AVPP can be used for ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft, as long as you meet the qualifications of the particular ride-sharing program. Neither Walmart nor CarSaver has any restrictions against using their vehicles for this purpose.

Do Walmart Employees Get A Discount On Cars?

Although Walmart employees are not entitled to discounts on their CarSaver purchases, some local dealerships offer them. Specific discounts may also be available when Walmart associates complete their CarSaver transaction. It’s important to note that discounts offered may vary by dealership, so make sure to do your research before making a purchase.

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The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program provides an easy and accessible method for employees to buy, lease or trade-in new and used vehicles.

Through partnerships with CarSaver and local dealerships, Walmart offers a broad range of car makes and models to its employees, coupled with personalized financing options and lifetime warranties.