Walmart Donation Program [Important Guide]

The Walmart donation program is a philanthropic initiative run by the company to give back to the communities it serves. This program is conducted in partnership with a prominent philanthropic organization.

To learn more about how the Walmart donation program operates and its impact, keep reading.

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What Is The Walmart Donation Program?

Good360, a major philanthropic organization, partners with Walmart to facilitate the Walmart donation program. Under this program, Walmart stores can distribute products to charitable organizations through Good360, which in turn provides these products to those in need. To receive donations through Good360, organizations must choose a partner Walmart store and complete a simple application process.

If you want to know more about the Walmart donation program, including the types of donations that are typically provided and whether your organization can receive financial support, continue reading below.

How Does The Walmart Donation Program Work?

Good360, a leading philanthropic organization, is Walmart’s partner in providing funding for charitable goods donations. Besides Walmart, Good360 also collaborates with other retailers like The Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, and Bed Bath and Beyond for their donation programs.

To apply for the Walmart donation program, non-profit organizations need to follow a simple application process that involves selecting a store that suits their location. It is important to note that applicants are required to pay an administrative fee to complete the transaction. If approved, the organization will be notified by email and sent an authorization form.

After acceptance, the organization must arrange for pick-up at their chosen Walmart for a weekly donation of goods, excluding food items. The frequency of pick-ups may vary, and the amount of donated goods depends on the size and inventory of the Walmart store.

How Do You Contact Walmart For Donations?

The partnerships between Walmart and charitable organizations through Good360 are valid for one year.

If you want to apply for Walmart’s donation program, you can find a donor store by accessing Good360’s donor map or list. However, you need to create an account and sign in to access it.

Good360 advises applicants to choose a donor store within a reasonable distance to avoid it becoming burdensome to make the trip every week or twice a week.

To apply, make sure you have all the necessary documentation, such as your organization’s location and financial records.

Good360 typically responds within three days of receiving your application, and if approved, you must respond promptly with the requested information. Failure to do so may result in your application being denied.

After the necessary steps are taken, the final approval process can take up to five days. Once the approval is granted, the organization can start preparing for the charitable pick-ups.

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What Can You Expect To Receive In A Walmart Donation?

It is difficult to predict the exact contents of a Walmart donation as it varies depending on the partnered store and other factors. Donated items may include clothing, furniture, sports equipment, or DIY tools, among others. These items are usually overstock, sales items, or returned goods. The donations may be delivered in one large box or multiple smaller ones, so it is advisable to bring a vehicle with sufficient space like an SUV or a truck with a cap.

How Do You Get Your Walmart Donation?

Walmart prepares and boxes the donation goods for transport, but it is the responsibility of the receiving organization to pick them up. The pickup schedule may initially be weekly, but it can change to twice a week or once every two weeks depending on the store. It is advisable to be flexible and prepared for any schedule changes that may occur. Above all, it is important to be on time and respectful of the pickup agreement.

What Restrictions Are There For The Walmart Donation Program?

There are certain restrictions that come with participating in the Walmart donation program.

Firstly, the products received cannot be resold and must be black labeled to prevent barcode reading. This can be done by drawing a vertical line on the barcode with a black sharpie or by removing the product tag.

The donated items must be distributed to those in need, such as the sick or youth, and cannot be appropriated by the organization’s staff or gifted to them. Additionally, they cannot be shared with another nonprofit.

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Can You Ask Walmart For A Money Donation?

The Walmart Good360 program does not provide monetary donations in place of products. However, Walmart has a different program that offers grants in four categories: Creating Opportunity, Advancing Sustainability, Strengthening Community, and Center for Racial Equality. You can find a detailed guide and more information on the program by following the link provided. To learn more about other programs and services offered by Walmart, check out our related articles on the Walmart college program, Walmart tax-exempt program, and the Walmart DSV program.

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The Walmart Good360 program does not offer monetary donations as a substitute for products. Nonetheless, Walmart runs a separate program that provides grants in four categories: Creating Opportunity, Advancing Sustainability, Strengthening Community, and Center for Racial Equality. For more information and a comprehensive guide to the program, you can follow the provided link. Additionally, you can learn more about Walmart’s other programs and services by referring to our related articles on the Walmart college program, Walmart tax-exempt program, and the Walmart DSV program.