Walmart DSV Program [What It Is, Getting Approved, Drop Shipping + More]

You may be familiar with third-party selling, but have you heard of second-party shipping, also known as drop shipping? Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has a program that enables sellers to benefit from this practice.

So, what exactly is the Walmart Drop Ship Vendor program? Here’s what I’ve learned!

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What Is The Walmart DSV Program In 2023?

The Walmart Drop Ship Vendor program is designed for proficient ecommerce sellers who have their own warehouse space and can obtain large quantities of inventory. Walmart purchases the stock, sells it online, and covers the shipping cost, while the original vendor carries out the actual shipping under Walmart’s brand.

If you want to know more about the Walmart DSV program, including its approval process, how it works, and where you can sell your Walmart goods, keep reading!

How Does The Walmart DSV Program Work?

Dropshipping involves a retailer purchasing inventory from a third-party vendor at wholesale prices, then selling it for a profit, with the vendor responsible for shipping the products. Walmart operates its own dropshipping program, which differs slightly from other major retailers such as Amazon. The program requires an extensive application process, with a variety of documentation needed to prove the seller is experienced and trustworthy.

Once approved, the seller begins the onboarding process and sets up at least one item using the Item 360 program. After inventory goes live on the website, sales begin to roll in, and the seller fulfills and ships orders using Walmart packaging, with Walmart covering all shipping costs. Offering two-day shipping, including essential product information first, taking high-quality images, and considering demonstration videos are ways to help your products stand out. While Walmart does its part to drive traffic to products, it is important for the seller to work on their end to ensure visibility.

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How Do You Get Approved For Walmart DSV Program?

The Walmart DSV program has a reputation for being highly selective in choosing its sellers. To be considered for the program, sellers need to provide extensive documentation such as tax ID numbers, DUNS number, non-P.O. Box business address, banking information, and other crucial documents.

But beyond the paperwork, Walmart places a premium on sellers with a proven track record in providing quality products and exceptional customer service.

If you meet these qualifications and are interested in applying for the program, you can begin the registration process on this page.

Is Dropshipping On Walmart Profitable?

If you are a new seller with a small inventory, the Walmart drop ship program may not be the best option for you to generate profits.

To make money with Walmart DSV, you need to sell a significant amount of inventory to them.

This is because, although Walmart covers shipping costs, the process can still be expensive and time-consuming.

The Walmart DSV program is best suited for established sellers with large warehouses that can quickly and accurately move products across the country.

Can You Drop Ship And Sell On Walmart’s Marketplace?

It is possible to participate in both the Walmart DSV program and sell on Walmart’s Marketplace. However, it’s important to note that according to Walmart’s Supplier Help FAQ, the same product cannot be sold on both platforms simultaneously.

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The DSV program of Walmart offers an excellent opportunity for vendors who already have established warehouse space. By selling inventory to Walmart at wholesale prices and keeping operational costs low, these vendors can earn a good profit. Furthermore, they can benefit from Walmart’s exceptional online reach.