Walmart TV Warranty 2023 (Making Claims, Types Of TVs Covered, Damage + Price)

Although the cost of high-quality, sophisticated televisions has significantly decreased over the years, they still represent a substantial investment for most consumers who seek to safeguard their technology with warranties and protection plans.

As a leading seller of televisions, Walmart provides various warranties to accompany your new purchase. The following is an outline of Walmart’s TV warranty and protection plan.

Walmart TV Warranty And Protection Plan

Walmart offers warranties for every TV size available in their online and physical stores. These warranties come in two to five-year plans, depending on the TV’s specifications, with prices ranging from $10 to $132. Protection plans are available for both new and refurbished models, and are serviced by either Allstate or Asurion.

If you want to know more about the coverage provided by Walmart’s TV warranties, how much they cost, the process of making a claim, and other relevant details, keep reading!

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What Types Of TVs Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover?

Walmart’s TV warranty and protection plan program offers coverage for almost every TV they sell, including a wide range of brands and models, such as 4K UHD, 4K, and 1080p. This coverage applies to both new and refurbished products, although not all refurbished items are included. Moreover, the program offers coverage at every price point across the board.

To check if the TV you’re interested in is covered, simply visit Walmart’s website, find the product page for the TV in question, and look for information about any associated protection plans. This information will typically be listed near the top of the page as an “add-on service.” Additionally, some TVs may have multiple options for varying lengths of coverage, with the longer options being more expensive.

What Does A Walmart TV Warranty Cover?

While Walmart’s TV warranties were serviced by Asurion before 2018 and Allstate after that time, both companies offer coverage for the same issues, which include:

Screen failure
Remote failure
Speaker failure
TV not powering on

According to the warranty site, “Your television is covered for mechanical and electrical failures from normal use. Accidental damage, intentional damage, loss, and theft are not covered.”

This means that if the TV is dropped, intentionally damaged, stolen, lost during a move, or otherwise subjected to non-mechanical or electrical failures, the warranty will not apply. However, if the TV experiences a mechanical or electrical failure, such as being unable to power on, then the warranty can be used to make a claim.

How Much Is A Walmart TV Warranty?

Walmart’s TV warranties come at varying prices, depending on factors such as the plan’s length, the TV’s condition, and its price.

The cost of these plans can range from quite affordable for less expensive models to quite expensive for higher-end TVs. To determine how much a protection plan will cost for a given TV, simply find the product page for that TV on Walmart’s website and look for any associated plans listed under “Add-on services.”

Here are some examples of the pricing for new and refurbished TVs:

New TVs:

2-year plan for TVs priced $30-129.99: $13
2-year plan for TVs priced $150-199.99: $20
3-year plan for TVs priced $200-249: $25
3-year plan for TVs priced $250-299: $28
3-year plan for TVs priced $300-399: $39
3-year plan for TVs priced $400-599: $54
4-year plan for TVs priced $250-299.99: $37
4-year plan for TVs priced $300-399: $47
4-year plan for TVs priced $400-599: $70
5-year plan for TVs priced $700-999.99: $99

Refurbished TVs:

2-year plan for TVs priced $150-199.99: $18
3-year plan for TVs priced $300-399.99: $39
3-year plan for TVs priced $400-599.99: $54

Do You Have To Activate Your Walmart TV Warranty?

There’s no need to “activate” your Walmart TV protection plan. Once you purchase it, the plan becomes immediately effective without any extra steps required. However, if you need to file a claim, it’s important to keep your receipt handy to minimize any potential delays or obstacles in the process.

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How Do You Make A Claim With Your Walmart TV Warranty?

Filing a warranty claim for your Walmart TV is a hassle-free process that can be easily completed online, thanks to Walmart’s warranty partners Allstate (via their subsidiary SquareTrade) and Asurion (for TVs bought before 2018).

To start, ensure that you have your receipt and the TV close at hand. Next, visit the SquareTrade Walmart Protection Plan website (for TVs bought after 2018) or the Asurion website (for TVs purchased before 2018) and follow the step-by-step process outlined on the site. In many cases, claims are swiftly approved. However, if there are any issues, a representative will contact you to discuss further action.

If your TV is repairable, a qualified technician will be dispatched to repair it. Alternatively, if the TV cannot be fixed, Walmart will send you a replacement.

Can You Make A Walmart TV Warranty Claim Without Your Receipt?

To make a claim for a Walmart TV warranty, it is necessary to have a receipt for any brand of TV, such as Samsung, Philips, Vizio, Hisense, TCL, LG, Sceptre, and others. If the receipt is lost, it is possible to obtain a copy of it, but only if a debit or credit card was used for the purchase.

To get a copy of the receipt, call Walmart’s Electronic Payment Hotline at 479-277-2643 and provide the store location, date of purchase, and card number used for the transaction. Having the total amount charged during the transaction can also be helpful.

Walmart will use this information to look up the receipt and send a copy to you.

Can You Add A Walmart TV Warranty After Purchase?

To add a protection plan to your Walmart TV purchase, you have a 30-day window starting from the day of purchase. If you made an online purchase, sign in to your Walmart account on their website and click on “Go to Your Account” under the “Protect Your Purchases” section. For in-store purchases, you can download the Walmart app and add your receipt. Once completed, you can purchase a warranty for your TV.

Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover Accidental Damage?

Regrettably, Walmart’s TV warranty plans do not cover accidental damage. This implies that even if you have purchased a protection plan, you must still exercise caution around your expensive new TV. Accidental damages like dropping it, bumping it off the stand, or your child hitting it with a football are not covered.

Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover Theft?

Regrettably, if your TV is stolen from your home, Walmart’s TV protection plans do not provide coverage.

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Are Walmart TV Warranties Worth It?

A high percentage of shoppers who purchased a Walmart protection plan for their TV have recommended the warranty.

One satisfied customer reported, “The entire process of filing the claim was quick and easy. I had a satisfactory result in just less than 24 hours.”

Another customer stated, “The plan was worth the cost. The instructions for making a claim were clear and concise, and the support team was very helpful.” However, a dissatisfied customer who gave the warranty a one-star rating complained that accidental damage was not covered, despite the TV being knocked off the stand. This highlights the importance of carefully reading the protection plan’s terms and conditions.

Another customer expressed frustration that the plan did not cover a damaged screen, contrary to what was advertised. Despite these negative reviews, the overwhelming majority of customers (1,117 out of 1,155) gave the plan a five-star rating, indicating that Walmart’s TV protection plans are generally effective in approving claims and providing satisfactory customer support.

Final Words

Walmart offers TV warranties, also known as protection plans, at varying prices depending on factors such as the TV’s price, condition, and length of the plan. These warranties are a worthwhile investment for both new and refurbished sets, with prices ranging from low teens to over $100.

Although accidental damage and theft are not covered, these protection plans provide a convenient solution to common issues such as a blank screen or a malfunctioning remote. In many cases, these problems can be resolved within 24 hours, providing customers with a quick and hassle-free experience.