Working Excuses for not Kissing Someone: how to refuse a kiss politely

How do you politely decline a kiss? So, it is okay you were flirting but that doesn’t mean you will end up kissing that person but now you need to have a nice excuse to cover up your actions and reactions. How do you tell someone you don’t want to kiss them? Sometimes jumping to kissing or hugs is not easy as you are still not sure of the relationship or status of your relationship with that person.

Or sometimes you really wish to feel the connection or have doubts about the connection so, How do you respond to an unwanted kiss? So if you feel it is too early for this or whatever is your stand on your decision of refusing the kiss, here we have a list of Working Excuses for not Kissing Someone or how to refuse a kiss politely? Let’s readout!

Working Excuses for not Kissing Someone
Working Excuses for not Kissing Someone, Image Credit: rebootlovelife .com

Am Still Working on this Relationship or Feeling

So it is not a no, you will love to get kissed or kiss but once you want to be sure of it. Fair enough, you have clearly spoken your feelings truly.

You have Cough

Really silly but surely will not upset the person rather it will put a witty smile on their face as they will understand that you are hesitant about it.

Superstition or Jinx

Simply refuse and say you don’t want to jinx, as whenever you do this it upsets the Universe and creates situations that you have to break with that person (who is trying to kiss). Silly excuses often help to avoid any such tricky situations, without upsetting the person. Now whether they are convinced or not, that’s not really your problem, so let them guess what you were trying to do by saying this.

I am Really flattered by your Proposal but I Take Some time to Open Up

So basically you are not saying no you are just postponing it and you can be the given benefit of the doubt on this, some people are shy and take time to be okay with physical touch or the kiss. This excuse can also buy some time and politely refuse the kiss.

 I Want this Moment to be a Real Special One

You have made this a grand event now, you want to be kissed in a nice way, a proper situation, ambiance or occasion is all you want for your kiss. This excuse is yet another chance to postpone and think about whether you really want it or not. So, think about it and let that person also come up with a nice plan for it.

If you are refusing the kiss as you are feeling awkward or you have no such feelings for the person who is demanding it, stay clear about your intentions. If any of your actions have prompted the reaction like you were flirting too much or give undue attention, you need to stop doing that as it will harm your reputation. Thanks for the read. Stay safe and smiling.