Zen CEO Email Address

How to set up a Zen email account?

Select E-mail and Web Space Management from the drop down list and press the Select button to open that section. To create a new email account enter the prefix (part before the @ symbol) of your desired email address into the box on the left of the screen then press the Add button.

How do I find my Zen email?

When you first log in to Zen Webmail the contents of your e-mail inbox are displayed. To open an e-mail that has been sent to you click on the e-mail’s subject as shown above.

Is Zen email POP or IMAP?

Zen Internet allow you to use e-mail from any connection * using secure Authenticated SMTP and POP3; ideal if you are travelling and need to access e-mail from your Laptop or other portable computer.

Who owns Zen Broadband?

Chairman Richard Tang
Zen Founder and Chairman Richard Tang believes in a better way of doing business… I founded Zen in 1995, at a time when the Internet was a novelty for techies, and setting up an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business could be done fairly easily with a few thousand pounds.

What is Zen digital voice?

Digital Voice is our new home phone service for Full Fibre connections. Our Digital Voice product enables you to make HD calls together with a great value 1,000-minute bundle for mobiles or landlines monthly.

Where is Zen Internet based?

Rochdale, England
Zen Internet is an Internet service provider (ISP) based in Rochdale, England.

How many customers do Zen Internet have?

Over 22 years, 100,000 customers and countless awards later, Richard is as committed to the values of Zen as ever.

Who is the CEO of Zen Internet?

Paul Stobart (1 Oct 2018–)

Who owns Zen Mobile?

Teleecare Group
It is a brand of Teleecare Group which has experience in managing and distributing mobile brands in India for over 15 years.